A new awareness campaign, collaborations and new programs

Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance gave a press conference on Tuesday, June 12, at the Porto Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, in an initiative to highlight its work and activity, announcing the next goals and action plan for the coming years.

The event was greeted and honored by the presence of Ekaterini Tzitzikosta – President of the EU. for UNESCO, Zoe Daniilidou – President of the “Greek Children’s Village” in Filiro, Dimitris Zafeiriou – Director of the 1st Pediatric Clinic of GNTHI, while the presence of the ambassadors of the new awareness campaign “Bes” in Olympian & World Champion, Vasiliki Millousi, and Paralympian & World Swimming Champion, Charalambos Taiganidis.

With the main mission of strengthening the support of individuals, charities and organizations, strengthening social cohesion and creating a culture of offering and solidarity, Network announced the new “Join Network” campaign, thus making an open invitation to all citizens to contribute with acts of love and offering to all vulnerable social groups. The aim of the campaign that will “run” shortly on the social networks of Network, is to record, highlight and finally communicate the real needs of social institutions, sensitizing and ultimately activating people to act with acts of offering.

It is noted that in the context of developing strategic partnerships, Network has so far joined forces with UNESCO, having proceeded to the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation, as well as with the National Bank, implementing the act4Greece program to cover meals in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

Indicative of the next actions of Network, is the implementation of its three new programs. Specifically, the programs, “Offer”, “Change”, “Participate”, have the main goal of meeting the operational needs of institutions, improving and adding the necessary infrastructure, as well as creation Corporate Responsibility programs for interested companies respectively. All three programs come to contribute to the achievement of the main goal of Network, which is none other than the promotion of social solidarity and assistance in practice

The President of Network, Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos, speaking about the work of the administration so far and summarizing the actions that have been implemented in the last five years, said: “Our goal, from the first moment, was to be the bridge between companies and organizations, institutions and institutions of Northern Greece, matching the needs with the offer. I can tell you for sure that we have achieved a lot in a few years, supporting more than 100 institutions to date. I can tell you with the same confidence that our goal as a Network has not been fulfilled. “What we want is to create a real culture of supply and to make Thessaloniki the most solidarity city in Greece.”

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