Dear friends,

The Network was founded with the main purpose of mobilizing our business members and citizens in actions of Corporate Social Responsibility and helping the people who are in need in their daily lives and especially, the children!

We thought, bringing the main actors together, it was the best for the social groups that we intended to help so that together they could do a much bigger project with incremental growth, rather than restricting each body to its narrow limits.

At the same time, our main goal is to highlight and develop the culture of volunteering, solidarity, and love through good practices. That is, through actions, for example, that will inspire all people and especially young people, to acquire sensitivities and principles that they will apply in their future lives.

Our vision is to inspire and support the entire business world and our members to become Socially Responsible, conscientious, and to promote the idea of ​​Social Cohesion in our country, creating a safer and healthier society!

We want to influence tomorrow’s leaders who will be interested in “us” and will offer to people and ultimately through this whole culture of life, we will have better societies and happy people.

Because ultimately happiness and balance come through Love, Offer, and Solidarity!

The Network opens its’ arms to the whole world and the companies that share the same vision, to join forces for a better world, our world!

Yours sincerely,

Nikolaos Pentzos

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