What is the Network?

The “Social Solidarity & Assistance Network” is a non-urban/non-profit company and is a partnership of the most important bodies of Thessaloniki: Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCC), Thessaloniki Chamber of Crafts (BETH), Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki (EU) Association of Greek Industries (SVE), the Association of Exporters (SEVE) and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (EST). Its president is Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos.

How can I request the help of the Network?

Please contact the Network via the online contact form. We will consider your request and we will contact you for anything further.

Is the Network aimed only at companies and organizations or can an individual also help?

No, the Network also enables individuals to participate in the various programs that are implemented. If an individual/person wishes to help us either with a Donation or by participating in any action then he/she can contact the Network through the special online participation contact form.

Is the Network active only in Northern Greece?

No, although the Network is based in Thessaloniki, its programs and activities cover the entire Greece.

How secure is the information and data I provide to the Network?

The Network strictly follows all rules and guidelines regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR).

What do I need to do to work on the Network?

There are currently no vacancies or internships. If a position arises it will be published on this website with details on the submission process.

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