“Our mission is to be not only the bridge of communication but the main tool of all our members for the active promotion of Social Consciousness & Responsibility towards Society and the Environment, without exclusions and discrimination, with all our strength!”

The “Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance” has been active since the first day of its establishment, in 2013, to institute strong foundations towards the consolidation of standards of Social Solidarity.

It is a civil non-profit company, which was established in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, to become the bridge of communication between businesses and society, to encourage companies to support individuals, groups, charities, organizations, and related bodies and to offer materials goods and/or services.

The ambitious plan and the high purpose that the “Network” is called to play united the most important business organizations of Thessaloniki in its ranks, with the sole aim of undertaking the implementation of a project that has not been repeated anywhere until today in our country. The ultimate goal is to connect the business world with society, offering substantial help and long-term benefits to vulnerable groups and individuals facing problems in society.

The most important business organizations of Thessaloniki joined their forces to establish the “Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance” and undertake a project that has not been implemented as it is, nowhere in our country. They joined forces to create the first non-profit company to bridge the business world with society.

President of the “Network” is Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos, President of ZANAE A.E

Purposes of the “Network”

  • Support for individuals, groups, charities, organizations, and related bodies, by connecting them with the business community
  • Promoting the connection of businesses with socially vulnerable groups
  • Promoting the concept of social sensitivity with business responsibility as well as the idea of social cohesion in our country
  • The “Network” influences businesses to act and evaluates, develops, and promotes the tools for the implementation of its principles, both within Greece and outside.
  • The main purpose of the Network is to highlight and develop the culture of volunteerism, solidarity, and love through good practices, especially for the younger generation.

How does it works

  1. Mapping & categorization of needs of supported Institutions
  2. Mobilization of Network members to meet the needs
  3. Meeting the needs of the Institutions
In more detail:

The “Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance” aims to support individuals, groups, charities, organizations, and related bodies, to promote the connection of companies with socially vulnerable groups as well as to influence companies to take corporate social responsibility actions. We try to strengthen institutions and produce social work mainly for children and young people. Lastly, of course, due to the financial crisis, we are assisting institutions that support the elderly, as well as many breadlines.

Initially, we communicate with the institutions/breadlines and intermediaries with which we cooperate and record their needs. Then, we gather and categorize the needs of institutions, such as e.g. heating, electronics, electrical appliances, clothing – footwear, linen, toiletries, food – beverages, etc.

Then, we send the needs as they have recorded, to the business entities that established the Network. The Bodies, in turn, communicate the needs of their member companies. Having categorized the needs, the mobilization of companies is done purposefully and with greater ease.

Then, the member companies that wish to contribute either in kind, or in services, or with financial support, contact the Network and are informed about the further procedural details.

We collect liquid and dry food, frozen and preservation, stationery, and cleaning items, in warehouses/refrigerators, and from there the distributions are made directly to the institutions. The warehouses/refrigerators are located in a company, which, wanting to help and support the work of the Network, offers its services and spaces on a non-profit basis for the proper storage and preservation of the products, until their distribution.

In cases where the requested items are bulky, such as e.g. furniture, equipment, machinery, electrical appliances, etc. we coordinate deliveries to institutions directly from the sponsoring companies.

On-site visits are then carried out to confirm the deliveries of the requested items and to photograph the places that have been placed. The Network immediately informs the sponsoring companies about the progress of their donation and sends them thank-you letters and photos from the actions, as they were completed.


has provided relief directly or indirectly to hundreds of thousands of people


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Supporting and promoting the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and Assistance in Greece


Laying strong foundations for the consolidation of standards of Social Solidarity


Through anthropocentric actions with respect for fellow human beings, we actively offer to society

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