We transform love intoAction!

Network welcomes companies & businesses that believe in the true meaning of donation and solidarity. That is why we created the Participate program, giving the opportunity of corporate participation through personalized options, adapted to the way you want, and can offer.

We connect the business world with society, finally managing together to construct a better tomorrow fairer but also safe for those who need us!


  • Providing consulting service by the people of the Network
  • Sponsorship programs
  • Access to the CSR programs of the Network, to the Services but also the educational programs
  • In case there is no internal CSR department in your company, the Network undertakes its entire implementation

The vision of the Network is the mobilization of the business community to undertake social responsibility actions with meaningful impact, having as a central axis the assistance of every person and especially of the children.

The achieving of this goal is completed by offering support to individuals, groups, charities and organizations, assistance in material goods and/or services.

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