“Children’s Corner”: a promise that becomes true for abused and neglected children

The decisive contribution of Network, in collaboration with other important private bodies, implemented the creation of a new, specially designed space in the Court House of Thessaloniki and specifically in the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, for the reception of abused and neglected children


A great goal has been achieved to improve the reception conditions of abused and neglected children. The decisive participation of Network, in the framework of our strategic program of “I Contribute to the Society”, resulted in the creation of the first Panhellenic specially designed space for the reception and temporary accommodation of abused and neglected children.


The creation of the “Children’s Corner” at the Thessaloniki Courthouse and specifically for the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, aims to offer a friendly, warm reception environment to children who are unfortunately invited to cross the threshold, providing them with the security and embrace them like never before. The inauguration of the hall took place on October 4 by Mrs. Mareva Mitsotaki, among a large number of distinguished guests.


For our part, we are very proud to have been part of this important action, contributing with all our might to the work carried out by the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office. Our main goal through all the strategic action plans that we have prepared in Network and this case, the program “I Contribute to the Society” is to offer immediate help and relief to those who need it, especially in sensitive childhoods.


At the same time, our ultimate goal is to highlight the enormous potential and the greatest effectiveness that such acts of solidarity can have when we all act together with a plan through an organized framework of support.


We would also like to thank the Department of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for the kind move of awarding the President of the Network, Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos, in a special event that took place at the courthouse on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. The award was presented by Ms. Dimitra Tsiardakli – Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance / Head of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and by Mr. Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos – Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance / Director of the Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki


The “Children’s Corner” was created with the kind donation of the Social Solidarity & Relief Network and the Beetroot design group, Polyzoides S.A. prints, cozykids, and “Guardian Angel”.


The “Children’s Corner”

The new, specially designed reception and examination area for abused or abandoned children at the Thessaloniki Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, on the ground floor of the courthouse, was designed to be a safe and child-friendly space where both prosecutors’ hearings and examination of children and their families will take place.

Space is a colorful environment and includes board games, colorful stuffed animals, and illustrated books in the wooden library, which has been placed in the center of the room.

Having moved from the hostile and sad room on the first floor, the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office is now housed in this completely renovated space of 100 sq.m., where in addition to the reception and examination environment for juveniles, the Secretariat of the Service and the office of the Juvenile Prosecutor.


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