Help us for our house in the “Greek Children’s Village in Filiro”

Joining our forces we can do it!


Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance invites all its members, supporters, friends to join forces for the operation of a new home in the Greek Children’s Village in Filiro.


As you probably know, the Greek Children’s Village in Filiro, which houses 51 children, is in an unfavorable financial situation and needs us all immediately. The children living in the Hellenic Children’s Village are in the age group of 3 to 12 years. Due to financial difficulties, the operation of three houses has been suspended and the children have been reduced to the other 5 houses, each of which accommodates 6-8 children. This contraction results in the daily difficulty in providing a high level of care to children as well as the implementation of prosecutorial orders for the admission of young children who are in urgent need of removal from their family environment.


In this context, Network announces the program “OFFER TO THE GREEK CHILDREN’S VILLAGE” with which it is going to adopt a house that will accommodate 9 children and 2 mothers. The cost for a house – salaries, operating expenses, insurance contributions, house maintenance, etc. – amounts to 50,000€.


We kindly ask those companies or individuals who want to financially support the above program to deposit money by Friday, December 11, 2020 in the following bank account of the Network at Piraeus Bank:

  • IBAN: GR4901722150005215078003116
  • Beneficiary Name: Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance


For the issuance of an invoice – document in the depository to indicate the tax data of your company and the reason “I OFFER TO THE GREEK CHILDREN’S VILLAGE”. Warm request to send the deposit to the email

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