ISOMAT thermally insulates Network’s House in the Hellenic Children’s Village

Proving in practice once again her social face and responsibility


The company ISOMAT responded once again directly to the call of Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance with which it has long-term cooperation for the implementation of various actions of a social nature.


The purpose of this new joint action was the energy and aesthetic upgrade of another house in the Greek Children’s Village at Filiro and its shielding from the cold in winter and the heat in summer, in an area with difficult climatic conditions. In this way, the living conditions of the children who live in what is the main issue will be improved. At the same time, however, the external thermal insulation will save energy and costs by reducing the operating costs for heating and cooling, while at the same time the house was renovated externally.


This is the second house of the Village in which – in collaboration with the Network – the external thermal insulation works with systems from ISOMAT were completed, as in 2020 on its initiative the company had proceeded to the external thermal insulation of another house after first contacting with the village leaders and listened to their needs.


Watch the video here


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