Marios Frangoulis sings for Network

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, at the crowded Thessaloniki Concert Hall, the charity concert with the tenor Mr. Mario Frangoulis, organized by Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance, under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia, took place with great success.

“Offer has no labels, no borders, no egos. It is enough to offer where you can “, underlined the President of Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance, Mr. N. Pentzos, welcoming the participants of the concert, the proceeds of which will be directed to the actions of Network for 2018.

In his short greeting, Mr. Pentzos stated that Network started in 2012 supporting 15 to 20 institutions. Today, in just a few years, it supports more than 75 institutions, intermediaries and caterers, which will soon become 100, now managing to support all their categories of needs and in a continuous flow.

Mr. N. Pentzos thanked Mr. M. Frangoulis who, with great joy and love, accepted the invitation, the Presidents of the bodies that established Network for their faith in this vision, the companies and the entrepreneurs, who all these years offer uninterrupted, as well as the sponsors of the event.

Mr. Marios Frangoulis, performing, in his unique way, wonderful songs, under the direction of Maestro Loukas Karytinos and the accompaniment of the excellent musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, enchanted the audience with his obvious chemistry on stage, in a musical program with a strong emotional character, harmonized with the charitable purpose of the concert.

A few words about Network

The most important business organizations of Thessaloniki joined forces and founded Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance. These bodies are the Association of Industries of Northern Greece (SVBE), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki (CCCI), the Chamber of Crafts of Thessaloniki (CCC), the Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki (CCC), the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece (NCB) Association of Thessaloniki (ESTH).

Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance is a civil non-profit company, established in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, in order to be a bridge of communication between companies and society, to encourage companies to support individuals, groups, charities, organizations and associations. and to offer material goods and/or services.

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