Network and Lidl Hellas support 340 families who need it!

Network and Lidl Hellas support 340 families who need it!


Network, Lidl Hellas, and the Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens join forces and support 340 families who need it!


Because of the International Charity Day on September 5, Network announces the Synergy of Offer and Love with Lidl Hellas and the Reception & Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens (K.Y.D.A.).


The three bodies join forces for the common good and prove that solidarity is a collective affair. Specifically, Lidl Hellas, in the context of its social work and its contribution to the activity of Network, decided to donate long-lasting food, cleaning supplies, stationery, etc., with a total value of € 100,000, over ten months, with the aim of extension of the action of the body in the Prefecture of Attica. The products will be received by Network every month from the company’s warehouse in Kalivia, Attica, and will be available to support the work of K.Y.D.A., specifically to meet the basic needs of vulnerable social groups.


“Lidl Hellas mission is a better and more sustainable tomorrow for all. This synergy of offer and love is another practical proof of our contribution to those of our fellow citizens in need. We fully recognize our responsibility towards civil society and we produce daily and responsibly social and economic value “, said Vasiliki Adamidou – Director of Communication, Corporate Responsibility, and Social Media of Lidl Hellas.
“The cooperation with Lidl Hellas marks the expansion of Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance in the wider Greek area. It is a strategic milestone for our Network, which after several years of helping and offering to thousands of beneficiaries confirms the perfect work we are doing. The decision of the company, as well as other large organizations such as K.Y.D.A., to choose to cooperate with us is at the same time a move that is fully in line with Network’s strategy, to help people in need their daily life. We are very happy about this new collaboration and we thank Lidl Hellas for its trust. Together we can make the world a little better! ” reports the President of Network, Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos.


A few words about K.Y.A.D.A.

The purpose of the Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA) since 2005 is to address the problems of vulnerable populations affected by poverty and experiencing exclusion and social isolation. Through its structures, the Reception and Solidarity Center supports approximately 26,000 of our fellow citizens every month.


Lidl Hellas has been helping the Center’s difficult work since 2015, either by offering food and necessities to the homeless population of the city or by supporting the Love Meal, an initiative of the Municipality of Athens, distributing portions of food to vulnerable, social groups in the capital (homeless, needy, unemployed and low-income), who are deprived of the Christmas festive table every year.


“The main goal of K.Y.A.D.A. with this new program is the multifaceted support of the households that this year we’re called to face a huge challenge, that of the health and economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Our main goal is to avoid the social exclusion of families, who in this difficult time, need us more than ever. In this effort, we have allies Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance and Lidl Hellas “, stressed the President of K.Y.A.D.A., Mr. Grigoris Leon.

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