Network & Hellenic Petroleum: Next to Society and Vulnerable Groups

In this unprecedentedly difficult period that we are experiencing, Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance and the Hellenic Petroleum Group are joining forces and standing by the Society and the Vulnerable groups throughout Northern Greece. A common goal this Christmas is not to miss anything from the table and home of our fellow human beings who so desperately need our help.


Hellenic Petroleum Group, through the Corporate Social Responsibility program “360th ACTIONS”, continues to offer its assistance to social organizations that strive to maintain the quality of life of the tested citizens, offering them the joy of the Holy Days of Christmas.


In this context, the Group supports the very important work of Network, offering provisions for the purchase of food and necessities which will be distributed to dozens of Institutions and Bodies through the developed network which it has developed over the years.


The President of Network, Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos, stated, “It is very important that such an important and at the same time Socially Responsible Group such as Hellenic Petroleum, trusted Network for this action. An action that will offer great help to hundreds of our fellow human beings in Northern Greece this Christmas. A collaboration through which we are sure that the results in the future for the Society will be multiple!”


Social contribution and solidarity are integral parts of the culture and strategy of the Hellenic Petroleum Group and the effort to support socially vulnerable groups is ongoing, especially nowadays, more than ever, they face the greatest difficulties due to the pandemic crisis.


The action took place in the framework of the “I contribute to Society” Program of Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance.

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