Network & PAOK Action: All together for a better tomorrow!

Network & PAOK Action: All together for a better tomorrow!


PAOK Action and Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance aspire to be a contemporary role-model of offering in society, building the foundations for the organized social action of all official bodies in our country.


In the face of any challenge, the “answer” is always in cooperation. Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance joins forces with PAOK Action in a joint effort to make a meaningful contribution to those who need it, especially at such a critical time for Greek society.


A major goal of this effort is to create a bridge of direct communication between the merged business entities of Thessaloniki representing by Network and PAOK Action, the Official Corporate Social Responsibility Program of  PAOK FC, so that the conditions for the organization of a modern support system arise for the benefit of every part of Greek society in need.


The official presence of Network, through the strategic framework of action that has been developed under the auspices of PAOK Action, comes to ensure the organized and systematic participation of the most important business forces of Thessaloniki, following a role-model of Social Solidarity that shields society and strengthens foundations for a better tomorrow.


The President of “Network” Mr. Nikolaos Pentzos stated about the cooperation with PAOK Action: “We welcome with enthusiasm this new perspective that opens before us through this cooperation. Our sole goal is to become the model of Social Awareness & Responsibility of companies towards Society and the Environment, but also more broadly, to inspire each of us to contribute to the whole without exclusions and distinctions!”


Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance is an urban non-profit company, consisting of leading business pillars of Northern Greece and has been active since 2013 to establish strong foundations for the consolidation of Social Solidarity standards. These bodies are the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), the Thessaloniki Chamber of Crafts (CCC), the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (CCC), the Hellenic Chamber of Industry (CCI), the Hellenic Exporters’ Association (SEVE), and Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (TCC).


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