Network together with the participatory financing program Act4Greece join forces to cover meals in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece


Another important action is implemented by act4Greece, the fundraising program for important social purposes, which is an initiative of the National Bank: to meet the feeding needs of needy families, by providing food in the greater area of ​​Thessaloniki and other cities in Northern Greece.


Specifically, through the electronic platform,, those citizens or businesses who wish, can, from 12/03/2019 to 12/09/2019, by selecting the action “Meals in Northern Greece” and following simple steps, to offer any amount, to raise € 50,000 to support meals, which will then be made available on a regular and regular basis to individuals and families in need. Donations can also be made by direct deposit in the Branch Network of the National Bank or by sending a transfer via the electronic networks internet, phone and mobile banking to the account no. 080/00742687 (IVAN: GR5201100800000008000742687 / BIC: ETHNGRAA).


The action is financially supported by the National Bank, wanting to contribute to achieving the goal, offering € 20,000.


With the support of all, Network will expand the supply of meals in the wider region of Northern Greece, to meet the feeding needs of needy families. It is worth mentioning that Network currently supports more than 75 meals, institutions and intermediaries throughout Northern Greece, while the partnership with act4Greece will benefit 2,500 individuals and families.


The President of Network, Mr. Nikos Pentzos noted in this regard, “We are very happy to partner with the innovative act4Greece program. We share the same anxiety but also the same will to be next to fellow human beings in need. We share the same vision, the integration of solidarity in our daily lives. With the action Sissitia in Northern Greece, we will have the opportunity to further strengthen the initiatives of Network for the provision of food to families in need “.


The act4Greece Program is an innovative initiative for the promotion of social and development banking. In 2016, for the first time in Greece, an electronic platform for raising funds was created by the “crowd”, ie by everyone interested in every corner of the globe, resources that are then channeled to specific projects undertaken to implement welfare and social solidarity agencies. The multiple actions of act4Greece are carried out by bodies with experience and reliability in their field and through the website the modern tool of participatory financing (crowdfunding) is utilized.


Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance is a partnership of the most important bodies of the city, the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), the Thessaloniki Chamber of Crafts (CCC), the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (CCC), the Greek Association of Industries, Of Exporters (SEVE) and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (ESTH).


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