PAOK Action & Social Solidarity Network help the Greek Children’s Village

PAOK Action, in collaboration with the “Social Solidarity & Relief Network”, were at the Greek Children’s Village in Filiro where they proceeded with the restoration and external insulation of one of the houses which hosts one of many families staying at the village.

The specific house was in desperate need of renovation work due to suffering a lot of external damage because of the special climatic conditions in the area, especially in the winter season with high levels of humidity and cold. In addition to restoring the appearance of the building, special insulation which was applied will help save a lot of energy, and of course money.

The President of the Social Solidarity Network Nikolaos Pentzos commented: «We are very happy that once again our cooperation with PAOK Action was extremely successful and at the same time very important for the support of the project and the mission of the village. It is very important for everyone to embrace the village that for several years now has been offering a very important project to society and familes here.»

The General Manager of the Hellenic Children’s Village, Loukas Isaris, added: «We thank PAOK and the network for this very important donation. Two very large and important organizations joined forces and lovingly embraced the village and its families. We thank you!»

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