Red Carpet Party for Thermaides

The Women’s Organization “THERMAIDES” with the support of Network of Social Solidarity & Assistance, organizes on Wednesday, October 3 at 20:30 at SHARK a special event on “RED CARPET PARTY”.

The event aims to raise money for the financial support of the Department of Pediatric Neurology and the Neurophysiological Laboratory of the 1st Pediatric Clinic of AUTh, of the Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki and specifically the purchase of electroencephalographs necessary for the diagnosis of epilepsy and other neurodevelopmental conditions in children and adolescents.

For the first time, the singer Fotini Darra is with us in a unique show with international and Greek songs with a red carpet aroma. The singer, who has shown her sensitivity in the past by giving performances and volunteering to help sensitive social groups, comes to the jewel of our city, the bar restaurant SHARK! With her a 7-member orchestra of excellent musicians. Conductor is George Papachristoudis from Thessaloniki. Electric Violin Performance by violinist Leida Taxiraj. Hosted by Lakis Gavalas.

The event is held in collaboration with the Socrates Provatas Law Group and is under the auspices of the Medical Association of Thessaloniki. Organization: Tsakalou Interactive Pr


Dimitris Kranidiotis-song

Akis Gavalas-Drums

Teo Lazarou-Basso

Christos Zervas-guitar

Antonis Gerogiannis-percussion

Vangelis Macheiras-bouzouki

Apostolos Kalogiannis-trumpet

Giannis Arvanitakis-trombone

George Papachristoudis-piano & orchestrations

Giannis Kolevenis-sound recording

Giannis Maniatakos-design and execution of lighting

A few words about “THERMAIDES”

The Thessaloniki branch “THERMAIDES” of the NGO “Panhellenic Panathinaikos OG” within the framework of his charitable actions and due to the extensive financial crisis, he has undertaken the maintenance and financial support, with the purchase of necessary items and medical equipment always according to the instructions of the responsible doctors, of the Pediatric Cardiology Unit of AHEPA Hospital. This pediatric cardiology unit, which is, unfortunately, the only one in all of Northern Greece, was built and fully equipped by the Thessaloniki branch THERMAIDES and handed over to the PGNTH AHEPA in November 2010. Since then it continues to support the smooth operation of the unit in any way requested, with a more recent provision, the purchase of an echocardiograph, and a pediatric cardiograph with a total value of € 90,000.

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