Strengthening society and the structures that govern it is among the key goals set by the Network team. Considering that social relations are the cohesive link that unites and guarantees the proper functioning of the whole, our action focuses on providing help and support through a wide range of actions in every sector of society that is called daily to overcome great challenges.

The Network’s strategic actions include an action plan to support our fellow human beings, with particular emphasis on both the family sector, which is at the heart of society itself, and all forms of vulnerable social groups, as well as individuals who need our support, aiming at the common good of the whole society.

Latest Actions

“Children’s Corner”: a promise that becomes true for abused and neglected children

Network & Hellenic Petroleum: Next to Society and Vulnerable Groups

PAOK Action & Social Solidarity Network help the Greek Children’s Village

Food and basic necessities for the fire victims of Attica

Help us for our house in the “Greek Children’s Village in Filiro”

Network and K2 Contract Furniture stand by Municipality of Pavlos Melas

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