The inextricable connection of the Network with the business world, can not but focus our every action on the support of Greek companies to protect them against the obstacles that arise.

In collaboration with the founding members of the Network, which are leading business entities such as the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), the Thessaloniki Chamber of Crafts (CCC), the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (CCC), the Hellenic Industries Association (SVE) or the Association Of Exporters of Greece (SEVE) and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce (ESTH), we are determined to stand by the companies in multiple ways, offering support for the improvement of entrepreneurship and responsible companies, the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development problems in the wider social role they are called upon to play.

Through the program “Contribute to Businesses”, the Network realizes a substantial opening to every Greek and responsible company, providing through the knowledge and organized action of its partners, a specialized consulting action with programs and active participation.

Latest Actions

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