Offering much more than improving our health, sport is a means of expression and communication for young and old. The high values ​​that shape the so-called good fight are necessary for the life of every human being since they teach us to claim our goals every day, always with respect to our fellow human beings.

In a new program “Contribute to Sports”, the team of the Network tries to support sports and especially the symbolism of good competition, showing its practical support to athletes with disabilities and related sports.

With the support of the Ambassadors of the Network, Charalambos Taiganidis, Paralympian & World Champion, and Christos Garefis, World Champion, we stand by the sport in its purest and most authentic form, supporting the Paralympic athletes to do their sports, their dreams come true. Through their own struggle against every difficulty, each of us draws strength and inspiration to pursue his own dreams!

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