EvLOGIMENO Nistisimo and the Network stand by the Philoptochos Brotherhood of Ladies of Thessaloniki

With the support of daily meals to our fellow people

Network and its Sponsor – EvLOGIMENO Nistisimo – were found on Christmas day in the center of Thessaloniki and specifically in the Philoptochos Brotherhood of Ladies of Thessaloniki, where they delivered products of the company to cover the daily needs of the beneficiaries.

The collaboration of Network with the Philoptochos Brotherhood of Ladies of Thessaloniki counts several years now and in this context and specifically of the Program “I contribute to the meals” comes the very great and important support of EvLOGIMENO Nistisimo. Brotherhood of Ladies of Thessaloniki is the oldest women’s association in Thessaloniki. It has been operating continuously since 1873 with excellent charitable activities. It started with the provision of social welfare to the poor, the suffering, and the persecuted and at the same time as a National lighthouse awakened the Greeks in the then Turkish-occupied Macedonia.

During the occupation and post-occupation period of the civil war, meals were organized for 450 students and several needy elders on daily basis. Students from Macedonian villages who were willing to study but could not afford it were housed and fed for several years at the Association’s Boarding School.

From 1977 to 2005, kidney patients from remote villages were hosted because there were no dialysis centers. From 2006 until today, it operates again as a Boarding School where needy female students are housed. Despite the difficult financial situation of our country, it oversees the proper and uninterrupted flow of food, ensuring sponsorships of many sensitized fellow citizens to find daily food and warmth for more than 120 needy elders, homeless, and food 25 female students.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts the Sponsor of Network, EvLOGIMENO Nistisimo for their valuable offer and help!

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