Health is the greatest good for all of us. However, even today, it is not directly accessible to everyone. For this reason, the action of the Network aspires through the program “Contribute to Health” to contribute in every way to the improvement of the provision of health care and care to all our fellow human beings.

The Health of all and the improvement of life & care for those who need it could not be considered a key part of the organized actions of the Network. Especially in this critical period, the protection of Health for the whole world is not only a temporary contribution but builds the foundations of solidarity and humanity through mutual contribution against the background of a better and more optimistic tomorrow.

Latest Actions

Donation of Network to the Health Centers of Chrysoupoli & Eleftheroupoli Kavala

Donation of Network to the Cardiology Clinic of the General Hospital Papanikolaou

Donation of medical equipment from Network to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “Ippokratio”

Donation of Network of 2 ambulances to the General Hospital of Kilkis

Donation to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Papanikolaou”

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